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Market Strategies - Serving The Pet Industry
Market Strategies - Serving The Pet Industry

Our Services

We provide knowledgeable sales and marketing services through our network of distributors as well as through the distributorís sales force. We take our vendorís story right to key retailers and follow up with placement strategies.

Your company may not need every service that Market Strategies provides, but the following menu of services are available to you:

We Provide Marketing Plan Strategies and Implementation

When your company comes out with a new product or category, you will do much better if your customers and sales reps see a consistent message. A theme is always the strongest way to get your message across. The more consistent the marketing campaign, the more comfortable the buyer will be with the product you want them to buy.

We Develop Customer Promotions and ISO Programs

If you haven't already done so, you should seriously consider developing advertising calendars and initial stocking order programs. Now more than ever your company needs to be user friendly and you need to keep your company name and product brands in front of your customers. Distributor advertising and ISO programs are one of the most cost effective ways to keep your current and potential customers focused on your products.

We Provide Interim Product Literature and More

The best way to introduce a new product or category, is not to wait until all your ducks are in a row. Get out there and market the product a month or two before it's ready to ship. In most cases it will take several contacts to make the sale, so get started as soon as you have images of the product and a landed cost. Market Strategies is able to provide interim sell sheets right away. We can help you make it happen now, before investing in official literature printing or catalog updates. We're also well connected to design and produce your official literature and catalogs.

We Maintain a Key Account Contact Program

It's time consuming and a hassle to build and maintain a current database, but key retailers are important to build any product line. You need to stay in touch directly as well as through your sales reps. Market Strategies can build and maintain a dedicated database that your message can reach whenever you have something to say. Working with your customers in the field, we can develop and maintain a valuable resource for your company that you might not have the time to do.

We Provide Expert Industry Consulting

Don't make uninformed assumptions. Don't squander your resources by bringing out product categories that nobody wants. Do the research first. Make sure you have a market for your idea or product. Consult with someone who has a positive attitude, but who also understands what the distributor network is looking for and what it takes for your sales force to get the job done. Market Strategies offers this confidential consultation service, including non-disclosure agreements. We're also able to match you up with industry knowledgeable graphic artists and packaging companies to make your job easier and more cost efficient when developing new products.

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