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Market Strategies - Serving The Pet Industry
Market Strategies - Serving The Pet Industry

Manufacturer's Representative

Market Strategies was established on May 1st, 1990 to serve Pet Supply Distributors throughout the 11 western states, primarily as a Manufacturer's Representative firm. Today the company serves over 50 wholesale accounts and calls on retailers in 32 Western and Central states.

Over the years our mission has changed with the times. Today Market Strategies' scope encompasses national super-store corporate office calls, as well as regional retail chains and independent retailers. We understand that staying in tune with the frontline retailer and their customer's needs gives us the power to grow our vendor client's business in a meaningful way.

Although Market Strategies offers a regular schedule of contact and product presentation meetings with the key distributor buyers and sales people throughout our entire territory, we also focus on the independent retailer making them aware of products, promotions and services that our vendors offer.

We bring added value to our retail visits, designing services and educational opportunities that our retailers appreciate. There is no one in our organization with less than 20 years of experience in the Pet Industry, which allows each and every one of us to speak with some authority when addressing pet product related issues as well as presenting products that will make our retailers more profitable.


Market Strategies - Serving The Pet Industry

Market Strategies - Serving The Pet Industry

The Facts About Marketing
In The Pet Industry


There are over 50 distributors of one form or another throughout our 32 state area.

That sounds like a lot of accounts! However, what might not be readily apparent is that out of those 50 wholesale accounts, approximately 10 control 80% of the business.

We believe that every customer is important, but if your products are not marketed through the major distributors you'll have a rough time growing your business through the distribution network.

Market Strategies has access to "all" of the key accounts in our serviced territory. We have worked hard to achieve a personal relationship with them and all of the key customers will confirm that our follow-up and dedication are unrivaled.


Be aware that not all manufacturer representative firms perform the same service.

All reps call on distributors, and most visit the major retailers too. What's important in any sales organization are the contacts! Does the firm have access to the important buyers? (Can they call on the super store buyers as well as the independent distributor buyers?) What is their relationship with the smaller regional chain stores? Do they know who the opinion-makers are in each market?

There are a lot of politics in business. Some firms are not welcome in some segments of the industry or don't have good connections with some key accounts.

We are able to call on all independent distributors, super chains, and regional chains. Our continuing goal is to keep an open line to the entire customer base in our territory. We try to make all of our customer's feel important... Because They Are!


Some manufacturer representative firms are just out for the short term sale. This looks good initially, but without the attitude that "a customer is for life" disillusionment follows fast on the heels of the sale. Most buyers can tell whether or not a representative cares about their company.

Market Strategies only serves clients that have the potential to gain 100% distribution. Our customers expect nothing less from us, that's why they trust our opinion when we present a new line for their consideration.


Many manufacturers' representatives handle 20, 30 or more vendor clients. They feel that every customer will not buy from every vendor that they present. That may be true, but with that kind of attitude they soon move on to another line. Are all of their clients getting a fair shake?

Market Strategies only serves a select few clients at any one time. Although we might not be able to sell every line to every customer, with a small nucleus of clients everyone can be assured that where their line has a buyer, it gets presented each and every time.


There is nothing more important than communication. Many Vendors feel they don't get enough of it from their representatives in the field.

If Market Strategies represents you, you'll hear from us often. You'll never be left in the dark wondering what we're doing.

Market Strategies - Serving The Pet Industry
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